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Welcome to the Yorkton Hyundai Service Department

Whether your car needs maintenance or repairs, our technicians will make every effort to offer you fast and efficient service.

The quality and reliability of Hyundai products are key factors in your purchasing decision. Through careful design and engineering, Hyundai automobiles are built to provide you with years of worry-free driving enjoyment with minimum required maintenance. Regular maintenance - including replacement and replenishment of vehicle fluids - is essential to obtaining the highest level of performance, fuel economy, safety and reliability from your Hyundai.

To maintain your warranty coverage, Hyundai recommends that all service and maintenance be performed by an authorized Hyundai dealer. Our factory-trained technicians, specialized equipment, and genuine Hyundai replacement parts are backed by a one-year unlimited mileage warranty in order to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any other assistance that may be required.

Your Hyundai Owner's Manual provides detailed information about vehicle maintenance requirements. Also, ask your Yorkton Hyundai representative for a copy of the Factory Recommended Maintenance Schedule Brochure which clearly outlines Hyundai's maintenance requirements, intervals and pricing.

From scheduled maintenance of your new Hyundai or used vehicle to urgent repairs, at Yorkton Hyundai we strive for customer enthusiasm! Please remember our technicians are certified to work on ALL manufactured makes and models.

You can from the comfort of home request a Service Appointment at a time and date that is suitable for you below the recommended services (bottom of this page).

Here are some recommended services offered at Yorkton Hyundai.


*Also applicable at 6,000/18,000/30,000/42,000/54,000/66,000/78,000/90,000/102,000/114,000/

126,000/138,000/150,000/174,000/186,000 KMS.

 - Replace engine oil & filter

- Inspect exterior lights

- Inspect tire pressure

- Check coolant, battery, brake & washer fluid levels

- Inspect & lubricate all latches, hinges & locks

Starting at $49.95



*Also applicable at 12,000/36,000/60,000/84,000/108,000/132,000/156,000/180,000 KMS.

 Service #1 PLUS Items Below

- Inspect all drive belts

- Inspect vacuum crankcase ventilation hoses

- Inspect drive shafts & boots

- Rotate Tires

Starting at $119.95



*Also applicable at 24,000/72,000/120,000/168,000 KMS.

 Service #1 PLUS Items Below

- Inspect all drive belts

- Inspect engine coolant

- Inspect automatic transaxle fluids

- Inspect brake hoses & lines and lubricate calibers

- Inspect front brake pads & rotors

- Inspect and clean rear brake drum / linings, parking brake (or rear discs / pads)

- Inspect exhaust pipes and muffler (after manifold)

- Inspect and lubricate drive shafts and boots

- Inspect vacuum, crankcase ventilation hoses

- Inspect battery terminals

- Rotate tires

 Starting at $229.95


*Also applicable at 48,000/96,000/144,000/192,000 KMS.

 Service #1 PLUS Items Below

- Inspect all fuel lines, fuel hoses and connections

- Inspect all vapor hose and fuel filler cap

- Replace air cleaner filter

- Inspect & replace all drive belts

- Replace engine coolant

- Inspect manual transaxle oil

- Inspect brake fluid

- Inspect brake lines and hoses

- Inspect rear brake drums / linings, parking brake (or rear discs / pads, lubricate calibers

- Inspect front brake pads and rotors, lubricate calibers

- Inspect exhaust pipes and muffler (after manifold)

- Inspect suspension mounting bolts

- Inspect suspension gear box, linkage and bolts / lower arm ball joints

- Inspect power steering pump and hoses

- Inspect battery terminals

- Replace cabin air filter

- Rotate tires

- Inspect drive shafts and boots

- Inspect transfer case and rear differential fluid levels (AWD Models only)

 Starting at $499.95

** All prices vary depending on type of oil and vehicle type.

For all other inquires please give our Service Department a call .

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